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Modern science is now recognizing what the Chinese have known for more than 5,000 years: acupressure applied to the soles of the feet has a beneficial effect on disturbances of the inner organs which can lead to obesity and digestive disorders. Additionally, there is evidence that acupressure and stimulation of the reflexes works faster and reduces unhealthy fats better than any form of fasting, dieting, or weight loss pills.

It has been proven that there are precise points on the soles of the feet which can cause you to lose weight: these «trigger points» somehow have a direct effect on the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, and bladder, giving your body the order to slim down automatically.

This new slimming therapy can be done without the need for medical consultations or expensive treatment

It is difficult to expend the time and costs of visiting doctors who practice massage which stimulates the slimming reflexes. That's why the idea by German doctor Robert Metz is so great: a slimming medical insole which you can wear in any shoe and which automatically stimulates the trigger points for beneficial weight loss both while walking and standing.

The results obtained from the Dr. Metz slimming insoles are so fantastic that the sale of slimming products of all kinds has dropped by 50%. With the slimming insoles, you are guaranteed to lose 2, 5, 10 kg in a minimal amount of time, without having to limit yourself or go on a diet. The only thing you have to worry about is placing the insoles into your shoes. After that, you will lose weight with every step until your body has rid itself of all the unsightly fat.

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