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Dark Mark Erase – 100ml

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Dark Mark Erase – 100ml

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Age spots, freckles and uneven brown pigmentation are common in many people and increase with age.


These imperfects are mainly due to the uneven distribution of pigment (melanin) in the skin. This process is particularly active when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Herbal Skin Doctor Dark Mark Erase is gently absorbed by the upper skin and starts to visibly lighten marks. Using powerful, natural ingredients, Dark Marks Erase works to leave your skin looking bright, even-toned and years younger.
The Dark Mark Erase active formula contains Bearberry Extract to inhibit the formation of melanin pigment, Zinc Oxide and Vitamin E help prevent damage caused by UV light and helps delay the visible sign of ageing and inhibit the appearance of age spots. Herbal Skin Doctor Dark Marks Erase does not contain high doses of harmful chemical bleaching agents that could cause skin irritation and redness. It is made from natural, safe ingredients which produce effective results without any risk to your delicate skin.
Dark Mark Erase is not make-up or form of instant concealment, but an effective treatment that progressively helps to fade away often embarrassing blemishes.

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