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Corelean-2 x 60 Tablets + FREE Milk Thistle (90 tabs)

Corelean-2 x 60 Tablets + FREE Milk Thistle (90 tabs)

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Lose Up To 24lbs in Just 2 Weeks

Taken in accordance with the directions, CoreLean may be just the answer you've been searching for to help you finally lose the weight once and for all. Tip: Before using CoreLean, make a careful note of your bodyweight and waist measurement, and after just 7 days, note the improvement, not only in your scale weight but also in your slimmer waistline and more youthful appearance.

Rapidly Dissolves Adipose (Fat) Deposits...
It's true; the natural power of Corelean with Carthamus tinctorius has been clinically shown to act immediately - up to 3cm less around your hips within just days of use. Hour after hour, this nutrient will safely dissolve the fatty deposits your body has accumulated. The bulges which have been embarrassing and depressing you for all these years will literally begin to melt away. Even cellulite and the excess adipose tissue around your stomach and buttocks (both known for being particularly stubborn) will begin to disappear. After just 30 days of use, many customers report such dramatic changes that they've become almost unrecognizable to their friends.

Imagine how good you'll feel about yourself with all those pounds and inches gone! You'll no longer feel tight and uncomfortable in your clothes, or terrified of getting on the scale or going swimming in a bathing suit.

• Dissolves Belly Flab: In recent clinical tests in Sweden, 25 people taking the active ingredient for a period of 28 days lost over 2.5cm of dangerous fat without additional diet or exercise.
• Reduces Cortisol: Research from Italy shows the active ingredient safely reduces cortisol levels by 31%. Cortisol is your body's ‘stress hormone’ and is directly associated with increased abdominal fat.
• Dissolves Adipose (Fat) Cells: This nutrient has also been shown in research to safely break up and flush away unhealthy fat cells. In one new study from Norwegian researchers, people taking this nutrient lost 20.2% of their body fat within weeks of use.
• Increases Adipose Fat Oxidation: Research from Colorado shows the active ingredient increases fat oxidation (burning) by over 30%. The other ingredients assist to dissolve fat cells faster and to lower blood sugar levels, thereby reducing hunger pangs. Discover for yourself now why everyone in Hollywood and beyond is talking about CoreLean.

Results of an 8-week study of 248 female participants taking CoreLean All women were healthy but overweight, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 35, in the age range 25-45 and requiring to lose 30 lbs or more
• 96.7% lost more than 8lbs in weight
• Average weight loss over the 8 weeks was 35lbs
• Average BMI decrease over the 8 weeks was 9 points

“I’ve Lost 6 Dress Sizes in 4 Weeks!...I wanted to send you this quick note expressing my appreciation for CoreLean. I've been using it for about a month and the pounds are just falling off me! I'm down 6 dress sizes - from a 14 to a size 8! The best part is getting to wear jeans again... my self-confidence is sky high these days! Your product is wonderful!” J. S.

“The Best Fat Fighter Ever!...I can say without hesitation that CoreLean is the most effective fat-loss solution I've ever used. In just 1 month, I lost a total of 17.5lbs of fat and 4” from my abs without changes my daily program. Since I haven't made any other changes, I'm convinced my transformation is due to the remarkable effects of your product. I am a CoreLean fan for life, and recommend it to my gym clients!” G. E.

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