Clever Cane

As Seen on TV!
  • Walk on surfaces that ordinary canes won’t allow, with confidence!
  • 2nd handle folds out for maximum support when standing or sitting
  • Built-in alarm and LED light for security and peace-of-mind
  • Fold-away, lightweight design for total convenience
  • Adjustable height for perfect alignment and comfort
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    As Seen on TV!
    This incredible self-supporting, lightweight but strong cane will give you added support, when standing or sitting, as well as increasing your mobility over surfaces you might otherwise avoid. You’ll also enjoy peace-of-mind, thanks to an inbuilt alarm to ward of unwelcome strangers or signal for help if you’re in distress. There’s even a light so you can see locks, switches and other details hidden by darkness.
    With a super-secure, three-toed rubber foot, connected by a specially engineered hinge, Clever Cane actually stands up by itself! You can leave it standing while you use both hands without having to prop it against a wall or yourself. Better still, it acts as a genuine third foot for stability and support while you walk and even as you stand or sit. Clever Cane’s rubber base spreads your weight through the three rubber toes and pivoted joint so you can tackle those uncertain, uneven surfaces like gravel, tiles and wet slippery streets with confidence. Plus, there’s a clever foam-covered second handle that folds out at a lower level so you’ve got a handle in each hand to help you stand or sit easily and comfortably with no fear of a fall. 
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